How To Downgrade WordPress On Vps Ubuntu 20.04

Downgrade WordPress
Downgrade WordPress

In the Previous discussion, we have discussed how to Install WordPress with LAMP On Vps Ubuntu 20.04. Now let’s Try to discuss How To Downgrade WordPress On Vps Ubuntu 20.04 by changing wp-admin & wp-includes. This method is the same as updating WordPress, but we download the WordPress version belom 5.9.2. Downgrade if there are many themes or plugins that are not supported, it will make our WordPress error, in my example WordPress still can’t be updated to 5.9.2 because of the many errors from Themes and Plugins.

In My Case there were many errors such as Themes builder and Plugins, so I decided to Downgrade to version 5.9 and in version 5.9 my websites was running normally without any problems at all. For friends whose website has error like mine, you can see this tutorial until it’s finished. 

First, My friend don’t forget to backup your WordPress with Phpmyadmin and UpdraftPlus or many more, Backup before Update/Downgrade is very important just in case, you can see how to backup using Phpmyadmin and UpdraftPlus.

My WordPress display when updating to version 5.9.2 has a lot of errors or deprecated ;

Downgrade WordPress
Downgrade WordPress
Downgrade WordPress
Downgrade WordPress
Downgrade WordPress
Downgrade WordPress

1. Disable all your plugins before downgrading/can be disable via phpmyadmin

2. Enter your favorite Ubuntu/linux consule, friends and of course you already have the remote SSh Vps. Log in as root, download WordPress version 5.9 then extract ;

sudo su



Screenshot 2022 03 31 12 10 52 

3.After Download and Extract WordPress version 5.9 then go to the wordpress root folder. Friends delete wp-admin and wp-includes / you can also directly replace it to the wp-folder.

*** directly replace Wp Folder ;

mv wp-admin /var/www/html/wordpress          (adjust your wp-folder root location/name)

mv wp-includes /var/www/html/wordpress      (adjust your wp-folder root location/name)

****go to your wp-folder root directory then delete wp-admin and wp-includes. 

cd /var/www/html/wordpress                                    (wp-root name, My folder is WordPress)

rm -r wp-admin

rm -r wp-includes


cd wordpress

mv wp-admin /var/www/html/wordpress

mv wp-includes /var/www/html/wordpress

Screenshot 2022 03 31 12 20 25Screenshot 2022 03 31 12 21 33Screenshot 2022 03 31 12 22 08Screenshot 2022 03 31 12 22 56Screenshot 2022 03 31 12 23 31

4. This step is complete, you just need restart the web server, if using apache2, type systemctl restart apache2, then try logging in using the default wordpress login.

Screenshot 2022 01 28 21 01 46

Screenshot 2022 01 28 21 47 24

dashboar wordpress

How easy is it not to Downgrade WordPress on Ubuntu 20.04 reactivate the plugins you installed and the WordPress version 5.9 Themes, Builder & Plugins are running well, there are no errors because all are compatible in this version. If there are still errors, friends, you can see How To Disable WordPress Plugins and Themes with Phpmyadmin, see the error by activating wp-debug in wp-config.php. If you see How to Find WordPress Errors by enabling wp debug in wp-config.php.

Hopefully this tutorial How to Downgrade WordPress On Vps Ubuntu 20,04 can be useful for all of you.

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