How To Install Kali Linux 2022

 Install Kali Linux
Install Kali Linux

On this occasion, I will Discuss How To Install Kali Linux 2022.  Before Going into the Installer process we discuss a little About Kali Linux. What is Kali Linux?? Kali Linux is an operating System based on debian (Linux) with the aim of penetrating the netword security, password security system, Forensic ports and many more and different from other Linux systems or easier Kali Linux is an Os system specially designed to find loopholes/bugs in a network so that the gaps/weaknesses can be analyzed.

It’s horrible, if someone is very skilled in operating Kali Linux, it can cause dangerous damage, actually this Os System is very dangerous if you are not wise in using it. Most Hackers use Kali Linux because there are more than 100 Penetration Tools in Kali Linux which is certainly different from other Linux distro, especially this latest version’s of linux, it’s really really annoying, if possible I will discuss penetration tools on Kali Linux, guys.

If you want to learn about Kali Linux, keep following my Blog, because later there will be many tutorials about Kali Linux, especially Local Network Penetration/localhost, I will discuss in details.

      1. We have prepare the installation room first, in the previous article we discussed in detail, if you are still confused, please read the guide Dual Boot Windows 11 with the latest Kali Linux  to make this Hardist Participation.
        Install Kali Linux
        Install Kali Linux

        Like this, at least make an empty Dist 100-150 GB

        2. If we have prepare for hardist  participation, the next step is to prepare the latest Kali Linux Iso File and Rufus, if you don’t have the latest Kali Linux ISO you can Download here and the latest Rufus can be downloaded hereThen open Rufus as root/Administrator.

        Install Kali Linux
        Install Kali Linux

        Unlike Windows 11, the file system in Windows 11 uses NTFS, for Kali Linux we use FAT32 (Default). Don’t get me wrong, there will be a Fatal Error during installation, the same as the picture above.

        Install Kali Linux
        Install Kali Linux

        Then select Write in DD Image mode, remember don’t choose ISO because I’ve tried using ISO There is a Fatal error during Installation, make it the same as the picture above

        3. When the process is complete, select CLose and then restart your WIndows, then when your Laptop/Computer logo appears press F2 to enter the boot Menu. To enter the boot menu, your may press F2 on average but it may be different form your laptop/Computer, you just need to search at google.

        Install Kali Linux
        Install Kali Linux


        For your Laptop/Computer that is still using BIOS, It’s very easy, just F12 then select USB HDD.

        grub linux

        Msot Laptop/Computers are now using UEFI Boot, so we need to enter the Boot menu to Disable fast Boot and disable Secure Boot then go to Advanced mode to add USB partitition 1 to boot using USB.

        Boot Uefi 1 2

        Note*** for UEFI, disable Fast Boot and disable Sucure Boot and replace Windows boot Manager with UEFI USB partition 1 then save and exit.

        9e647fc7 3a5e 428a 9a3d 2ab276103793

        When this display appears, the usb image is read and all you have to do is carry out the installation process, select install

        79ce3092 a5eb 486a 8ee0 9e993bb36dce

        Then select the languange region, time, etc.. this time you can choose English

        7b1ee08d 61b3 4c79 8072 e27649f179c1

        Select No when this Display appaears

        291319c0 149b 4e87 83ab 65b151e558cc 719d154b c8a9 4a59 9e72 8c85480ff06b f753e368 c2f1 4ce3 8d4f e04fa5b2c362

        Next Create a localhost name, Username and Password

        e2e94841 09af 495c 9f23 dae4bd4ca4a8 1c5f1450 b312 49a9 b772 8ca7373862ef 023f3f8f 644c 4458 a1a2 4b1c86e862b5

        The first option that I reecommended the most is because Linux is installed directly using the largest free space without deleting your data and files, if you already have a Windows OS on your laptop/Computer, it will automatically exist with Windows \, but if you want to arrange your own Root/Home and Swap you can Choose manual 

        3576f183 f253 45bd b3be 462452956773 78517d6b a813 4fed 8567 66c4b19571c8

        Example Dist Partition Manually select Free Space to create root, home and Swap files.

        e66f29d6 3039 470a beb3 f29d24fd635b

        Create a New partition

        7d7813a9 0186 4789 aa6a 119f53485287

        Select Early

        16fe9c7f 61ed 4792 943b a56ff1371402

        Create a partition / (/is root in Linux) root at least 80 GB

        db4d9661 6505 46eb b2c7 4d0ad67f9dd7

        The Partition is complete, select finished compiling patitions, then create a Home patition

        patisi home

        Then Create a Home partition, the method is the same, create a new patition, select the beginning and then click the hook point select home, it’s up to you how much memory is home then finish compiling the patition. 

        1d01d027 ce7c 4fa0 8847 0fe284ba1abb Finally create the swap space the same way as before, then select the end of partition, root and Home the beginning of the partition, select the last swap and give the swap space above 4GB below 15GB 

        dc07ccfb d64f 4dde badb 4508ca358d22

        When you have finished creating the Root/Home and Swap partition it will look like the picture above then select Finish partitioning and write the changeson the hardist.

        04819677 cd7b 491e bf7b 15662a0ad824

        Select Yes

        a6438e72 b67e 4832 ba0e 21c65b4f8520

        Choose Desktop Xfce Bro Because it’s easier to set up, this process is quite long, between 30-60 minutes depending on your processor

        38200357 7484 4173 8700 ce51e08a3e85

        The Picture Above is the most important process, if you follow the step by step correctly then if the Laptop/Computer has a Windows OS it will be detected, if a Fatal Error appears, there may be something wrong with the transfer file in Rufus or in the Boot Menu

        537521da 3144 4ab6 a26d fbbc3667c965

        If the image appears, the installation is complete and there is no error, select Continue, then your Laptop/Computer will Restart and how to Install the latest Kali Linux Successfully 

        2372014f 7b7d 49e2 a105 6dbb4f29dbe1

        Enter the Username and Password that you created earlier

        5ab0ce74 a535 4c6b b4e0 60a1e8406f9d

        Congratulations, the Latest Kali Linux has been successfully installed

        The next step you need to update and upgraded Kali Linux, I will discuss what to do after Installing Kali Linux, I will discuss in the next article. Hopefully How To Install Kali Linux 2022 tutorial is Usefull for you, sorry if there are words/sentences that are difficult to understand..

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